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NANY 2014


This is fairly short notice for me, but I managed to throw something together, albeit, it's not great. Mostly just some old, but still in use, programs, re-written-ish for the occasion. Includes: Decimal-to-Hex converter, music lyrics finder, visual alarm, and CGen - a concept work from some time back. There's more info within the program.

I can't wait to have time so I can browse the other entries!
I hope mine's enough at least for you all :D enjoy!

It's great to see you enthusiastic about our NANY events -- one of our favorite things.

However, the way we do NANY is that we do it at the end of each year -- so the next NANY will be NANY 2015, which we will start encouraging coders to start discussing in a few months, but then only unveil entries near the end of the year.

In short: You should probably remove your collection from your first post since NANY 2014 has ended, and NANY 2015 hasn't started yet :)

Ah, I see. Oops. I tend not to read stickies, that's my fault. But, at least that will allow me sufficient time to write something much, much better  :Thmbsup: Sorry about the mix-up, and thanks mouser!

no problem -- it's a miracle anyone can find anything on this site!  :Thmbsup:

...-- it's a miracle anyone can find anything on this site!  :Thmbsup:
-mouser (August 06, 2014, 02:30 PM)
--- End quote ---
The built-in FARR DC forum search tool:
dc <search string> is quite handy for that.


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