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My New Temporary 14 day Blog that does not support comments

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Paul Keith:

Blog content:

Forgive me for being brash but it has come to my attention how hard it is to keep up with new and old software nowadays. (Mostly old)

I cite for example the recent drop off of Springpad and the Google Group that has formed beneath its corpse.

Can anyone tell me how else users would have discover all the new web clipping sites posted in the web if the users (as well as creators posting their cloud service links) if it wasn't for one popular dead service blooming into a group of users looking to migrate elsewhere and becoming a large enough userbase that would lead to blogs like Lifehacker popularizing the group?

Anyways I don't know the best source for finding out the software listed in the web but my main source DonationCoder did not list these services so here I am turning what was originally a forum thread where users could put in old apps that they just recently discovered and giving up on the idea and turning the entire thing into a blog instead. (Hopefully keeps an archive of blog posts once this trial expires.)

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I sort of keep track of the ongoing status of some software by having the relevant website or blog or forum (or all of those) in my Bazqux RSS feed-reader. If the feed stops issuing new posts, then I can check to see whether it is moribund/gone away or just a temporary faltering. I can view the history (all the old posts) from a given feed as well - i.e., those posts that were captured by my reader from when I started subscribing to that feed.

Paul Keith:
That would first have to assume that one knows the software to keep track of in the first place.

The blog is more about software one has ignored and just recently discovered to have a new feature unique to it or an old unique software that's been around but I've never heard of until now.

@IainB - what is Bazqux charging these days? I visited their website but couldn't find any pricing info.

@IainB - what is Bazqux charging these days? I visited their website but couldn't find any pricing info.
-40hz (August 07, 2014, 10:21 AM)
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Pricing info is in FAQ page.

You can pay $19 or $29 annually, or $99 for lifetime subscription.
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