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Most advanced tagging functionalities?

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...Tagspaces works best for me combined with filenames based on folders, date and subject. I leave searching to an independently made selection of files in gnumeric (linux) and to stored files using wordperfect (advanced file search).
-sword (August 08, 2014, 03:39 PM)
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I was interested in your reference to Tagspaces. I tried this out and thought it was pretty useful, though not so much for me. The experience was partly what triggerred me to write the post (referred to above) On the lack of standardisation in "tagging".
I thought Tagspaces was a brilliantly simple idea, and I liked the way it was used within the browser UI (though that was perhaps a constraint also).

In trying to review the latest Tabbles updates, I found that it looks like Tabbles is dead, with no explanation as to why:

* There's an inactive site at:
* There's a 404 at:
* After doing some searching, I gathered that Tabbles was linked to "Yellow Blue Soft, UAB" - looks like that is/was registered in Lithuania by a 1-man company, a person (developer, I think) called Andrea D'intino (direktorius).
* Wayback has some backups of, but none of the latest/last website pages, it seems
* Latest version was v3.1.22, or something, and I can't seem to download it from anywhere.
Must be a lesson in there somewhere...

Pity. I thought that it had potential, though I couldn't install MYSQL and run Tabbles on my laptop, so was obliged to run the Cloud-based version until my laptop died.


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