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The road to making this the best program of it's genre


Paul Keith:
View the end goal number alongside the current progress bar AnotherOneDone

Change the font size of bars based on importance Droptask

Auto-generate progress bars by dragging url/url inside url Dragdis

Add sound effects for every manual addition of the progress bar not just the end

Add linked progress bar that reduces a full progress bar for every time there's an increase in the other progress bar Gamification/Pomodorium

Add leaderboards of progress bar tasks completed Gamification

Add vertical bars between spaces of columns for longer paragraphs Trello

Autofill progress bar name for new progress bar when a finished progress bar ends Lastpass

Autohide multiple progress bars with a click of a button and replace it with a singular space that individually opens those bars one by one OneTab

Only set a limited number of progress bars to open on startup

Create sub-progress bars that pauses the main progress bar unless the sub-progress bar gets completed Goalscape

Create a visible log of previously finished/hidden progress bars TheBrain

Singular progress bar that switches when the right mouse button is held and then swiped Sleipnir Browser

Sleep dial tabs Scrivener corkboard

Add karma/daily score board based on your progress Todoist/DayScore/Success Log/Fail Log

Add sounds based on progress bar Coffitivity/Soundrown

Combine PopUp Wisdom with completed progress bar

Change progress bar color based on hotkey - preferably different from current colors to differentiate between interruptions, breaks, side projects Noteliner

Offer a type box to quick create dated progress bars coolendar

Add the option of asking a question at the end or beginning of a progress bar IMQuit Addiction for Android

Add a progress bar that starts at the middle and can be dragged to negative or positive Treed! for Ipad

Set gesture to auto-minimize Progress Bar and optionally set time for it to reappear


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