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Installing USB Mass Storage Driver - Problem


Hopefully this is an easy question for someone here!!

I am trying to install an updated USB Mass Storage Device Driver for my USB 3.0 devices. Current driver is from 2006 - I'm guessing this was from Microsoft since the PC was just built in January 2012 - and I keep getting shouts from the Windows 7x64 Action Center. That plus the fact that I keep getting BSODs which are possibly caused by outdated software driver(s), according to suggestions from the Windows Debugger, WhoCrashed, and Nirsoft's BlueScreenView. My problem is that shortly after starting the installation I get an Install Shield popup asking me to "Please Plug-in Device". What device? All devices I have that need to be plugged into USB ports are already there. Am I supposed to remove one and then plug it right back in? Remove all? Can I just unplug it or must it (or they?) be uninstalled and reinstalled? (via Device Manager).

If I don’t plug anything in then the driver installation is canceled and I'm back to square one. I have done a fair amount of searching but cannot find anyone else posting about this problem.  (Am I the only one dumb enough to not know what to do here?! Second though, don’t answer that...)

Anyway, since there are a number of folks here with a lot more tech knowledge than I, I'm hoping that someone can advise me on this.

Thank you.


I'm not sure what's supposed to happen there.  But if you don't get any joy try posting here:

Try removing the drive in Device Manager. Then disconnect all your USB devices except for the mouse and keyboard, then do a restart.

Once you've restarted, plug the drive back in. If P&P spots and installs it, open Device Manager and see which version of the driver it's using. If it's the newest, you're done. Plug everything back in.

If it's the old one, remove the device again using Device Manager, disconnect the drive, and reboot. Once you're rebooted, install the new driver first - and only connect the drive when it asks you to.

If the above doesn't fix it then there's either a driver conflict or your USB ports are screwed up in the device manager. Either of those are somewhat of a pain to correct - so lets hope the first two suggestions fix things for you.

Luck! :Thmbsup:

When you install a flash drive Windows installs a driver for it.
Another drive, another driver........
remove the drives and the drivers remain........ unneeded!
Drivers, being a PITA, I readily dispense with....
Go to Device Manager and delete all the USB drivers.......... I use a USB mouse and a keyboard.... leave those.
Unplug any shady devices or bad drives???
Reboot.......... Windows will reinstall drivers for anything installed
Install a new device and Windows installs a new driver.


I should have mentioned................
WSCC with all its utilities has several USB tools...
USBDeView, USBLog View.
I wouldn't be without WSCC simply because of events like you are experiencing. ;D


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