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DONE: Tool that lists digitally signed files from a folder/disk

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Another ignored case is related to altered (signed) files (files that are digitally signed but altered by malicious applications, hex editors etc). These are files where digital signature does not verify.
These are listed under "Unsigned" -- not correct.  Perhaps this is another category of signed files : "Invalid".

Please check my screenshots.

Kind regards,

.....except the blue icon lines which appear with v2.2 but not with v2.1
-pstein (August 11, 2015, 01:46 PM)
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Did you try running 'SigcheckGUI' as Administrator?

The reason why I'm asking is because I noticed the following :
1. Right-click on 'sigcheck.exe' ~ Go to 'Compatiblity' tab ~ Check 'Run this program as an administrator' ;
2. Run 'SigcheckGUI.exe' ~ You will notice that ALL files appear with a blue icon.
However, if you run 'SigcheckGUI.exe' as Administrator then the issue is gone.

Kind regards,

SigCheck GUI does not work with new sigcheck.exe v2.3!

After having downloaded the newest sigcheck.exe v2.3 from MS I copied it to the SigCheck GUI installation folder and started the GUI.

Then I scanned all currently running processes and found lots of processes with a blue question mark icon at the beginning of the line and empty columns.

It seems to me that SigCheck GUI v1.1.0 is incompatible with the sigcheck.exe v2.3 syntax

Could you fix this in a new version?

Thank you

It seems to me that SigCheck GUI v1.1.0 is incompatible with the sigcheck.exe v2.3 syntax
Could you fix this in a new version?-pstein (November 14, 2015, 12:27 AM)
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Works fine for me with v2.3.  Is this the same issue you reported when moving from sigcheck v2.1 to v2.2?  If so, are you running BOTH the sigcheck.exe AND SigcheckGUI.exe with administrator rights?  If you're not, following the instructions in neverlight's last post and see if that solves the problem.

Hello skwire:
Yes, it seems to be the same issue as for v2.2. BUT:

Enabling "Run as Administrator" is NOT a solution!
Yes, of cause, I enabled it for both programs but it didn't help.
I even disabled UAC completely - it didn't help.
Moreover: Assume missing the Administrator rights would be the culprit: Then it should not work with v2.1 either!
But everything works fine for v2.1. On the same machine for the same SigCheck GUI installation (but different sigcheck.exe)

At least I would expect some warning in SigCheck GUI like "Please run as Adminstrator" or "Warning: Run without Administrator rights".
But silently suppress some information is not smart.

To give you an impression on how it looks like here I uploaded a snapshot:

I would appreciate if you could fix the error.
Thank you


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