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DONE: Tool that lists digitally signed files from a folder/disk

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v1.0.4 - 2014-09-10
    + Added option to query VirusTotal ( for malware based on
      file hash.  Note that this slows down scanning considerably.  You can see the
      results in two new columns: Virus Total Detection and Virus Total URL.
    + Added context menu entry to go to the Virus Total URLs.
    + Added context menu entries to perform web searches based on the process name.
      Choose from Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go.
    + Added "Export file list" feature to dump the full paths to a text file for
      later import using the "Import file list" feature.

Written up by Martin at ghacks today!

He seems to really like it, though he pointed out a few issues with the virustotal integration.

Yeah, disabled that in a new build until I work out those kinks.  I know WHAT the issue is...just need to come up with a way to handle it elegantly.

Apologies for that.   :-[

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v1.0.6 - 2014-09-11
    ! Re-enabled VirusTotal functionality.  SigcheckGUI now checks for the
      acceptance of the Sigcheck EULA and the VirusTotal ToS and will prompt
      the user for acceptance if necessary.

v1.0.5 - 2014-09-11
    ! Disabled the VirusTotal functionality until some kinks are worked out.

Nice tool. Thank you!


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