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Real RAM amount consumed

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Edited 26.08.2014.20.09 :
I really going mad. I affirm the sum of the ram memories indicated in the % of the task administrator is not the real . I put screenshot.
An utility to sum really the ram memory and control it ?

Original : I think was a little problem with the PC, but lately began to go slowly and waste a great amount of ram memory with few applications opened.

Under windows 7 i am using the sidebar.exe to indicate the ram and cpu usage. When I open the task manager the sum of the ram amounts consumed by the processes I doubt sums the % indicated in the downside of the window or in the needle in the sidebar.

Do you know an application to sum really the ram amount consumed by any hidden process ? I have clicked all users to see all the processes.

Best Regards

Process Explorer

Process Explorer is part of the SysInternal Suite and it contains much more very handy tools. It is one of the first things I put on every PC I own/work with.

There is also an open source tool called Process Hacker. The feature set of both Process Explorer and Process Hacker are for 90% the same, I would guess. Their differences are interesting though. The process killing feature of Process Hacker is much more advanced than the already powerful one from Process Explorer. That difference alone makes it worthwhile for me to use both.

Both are free, can be used as portable application and allow you to hook them in, so they can take over as default Windows task manager. Real gems of (Windows) software.

I am sure you are right but ......

I was trying at the present moment two apps :

Task Manager Deluxe

DTask Manager (by Dimio)

and I have installed as portables from time ago the superbs

Process Explorer
Process Hacker

What's my problem then ?
Obviously I am doing something bad.

In most of these programs i receive direct information about cpu usage and ram usage with % indications.

When open a virtualbox virtual machine received about 69.000 kb of ram memory consumed. I supposed there are more processes associated.

But I sum the ram processes values and is not the same of the % indicated by the apps. So i have a mess and i would like to assure the values in porcentage are equal everywhere.

During a past virus attack kidnapping the browser i experimented considerable variations in the ram without repercussion in the opened programs.
The programs opened was not possible to occupy almost 4 GB i have in this pc.

So I doubt of this tools and its indications and would like to assure they give me the correct information even when a rootkit or similar is in the pc.

How can I do this with Process Explorer ?

Best Regards

There is not contradiction or controlversial between these applications.
The percentage of cpu usage of ram memory is the same i obtain with the getwidget of windows 7

so possibly i don't know SUM or some amounts are hidden ..... :-[


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