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My cat needs your thoughts | RIP Saffron my dearest cat

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Updated 8/29/14:
Saffron passed away on August 28th.  I have no words to describe how much I miss her.  Thank you to everyone who sent warm thoughts and condolences.  After this original post Saffron and I did have a couple of good weeks we spent together and that made the passing a little easier, though there is still a huge hole in my heart that I don't know how to fill.

Original post 7/30/14:

My cat Saffron, who has been my constant companion for 18 years has been quite sick for the last week -- the vet is doing what they can but it's not having much effect. I'm only just barely holding it together.
I would appreciate it if everyone could send her calm and positive thoughts.

Don't really know what to say mousey. She is well loved and well looked after, and you bet she knows it. Nothing is final and there is still hope!  Keep your spirits up for her cause the happier you are, the happier she will be :)

You are in mine, Katies and Munchs thoughts :)

Happy, positive, good thoughts Saffron

Saffron, my Basset Hound Fred's paws are crossed for you.

Get well. :)

Get well soon kitty. There are still many youtube videos you'll star in.


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