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Top 25 Free Windows Utilities

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Here's Woody Leonhard's list of his top 25 free Windows utilities.

I don't see a list.  I see a slide show that I can't make out and a column of comments.

It could be my Laptop as I have to use ColorToggle sometimes.  But it's eluding me so far.  :)

The slide show IS the list. You need to step through the slides to see the 25 items, along with Leonhard's comments on each.

Just be thankful it isn't a video!!!

I went through it.  On my laptop it's too small to see any detail.  Just a bunch of screens.

Oh well.  :)

My FF NoScript plugin went crazy. To many third-party sides to unblock till I would see something.
Lost interest soon and went away.
But thanks anyway for sharing.



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