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AdGuard: the better Ad Muncher?

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Think I will wait till adguard gives you a way to whitelist sites from ssl filtering.-Cloq (June 10, 2015, 08:32 PM)
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They have offered this feature for a while now. I've had to whitelist a couple financial sites from SSL filtering in order for them to work correctly. Again, you can turn off SSL filtering completely if you wish as well.

Currently it seems adguard supports ssl filtering for all ssl (minus the exclusion whitelist), this seems to be too all encompassing from a security stand point.-Cloq (June 10, 2015, 09:12 PM)
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I see what you want now. You want all SSL sites to be not filtered unless specifically added by the user, i.e. you want it to work the opposite of how it does now.

I hope if they implement your suggestion that they add it as an alternate method rather than replacing the existing one. Ad companies have stumbled onto the fact that most ad blockers cannot handle encrypted content and are moving towards HTTPS ad delivery systems. Having to trawl through web pages looking for HTTPS ad server references does not sound like fun. Heck, even using AdGuard's "Block this element" function numerous times per web page doesn't sound much like fun, either.

I just dealt with an issue where any HTTPS site in Firefox told me the connection was untrusted. I narrowed it down to Adguard's MITM feature to deal with filtering ads on encrypted traffic.

This knowledge base article didn't solve my problem, but linked me to some instructions on how to manually import the certificate in Firefox. HTTPS traffic appears to be working again now.

Below are some search terms I used while trying to find a solution, which will hopefully help others find this thread if they experience similar issues:

* all https sites in firefox are untrusted
* "This Connection is Untrusted" for all https sites in firefox

The AdGuard installer is supposed to take care of that certificate installation on Firefox, but sometimes it doesn't install it like it should. This is also an issue in Pale Moon.

It's a very irritating error. It's easy to fix, but it's hard to find the solution because at first glance you don't know what terms you should use in your search to zoom in on the solution.

Glad you got it figured out, though. I didn't have an easy time the first go-around with this scenario, either.

The strange thing is that I've been using AdGuard on my PC with Firefox for weeks, if not a couple of months, and everything was fine. Then one day after a reboot, all HTTPS traffic in Firefox was broken. And since I generally only visit one site via HTTPS in Firefox, I thought it was an issue with the site's CA for several hours before finally realizing every HTTPS site I tried to access was giving me similar errors.


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