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AdGuard: the better Ad Muncher?

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Basic Info

App NameAdGuardApp URLhttp://adguard.comApp Version Reviewed5.9Supported OSesMicrosoft Windows up to 8.1 (currently)Support MethodsThey seem to prefer their support ticket system.Upgrade PolicyLicensing works per year, independently of the version numbers.Trial Version Available?Yes, it is. The (unrestricted) trial period lasts only two weeks though.Pricing Scheme1 year: 19.95 US-$
2 years: 29.95 US-$
Unlimited: 49.95 US-$
AdGuard: the better Ad Muncher?


As Ad Muncher 5 (about to be free or something) is heavily discussed all around teh interwebz, people might forget about the alternatives. I'm not talking about Adblock Plus or Adblock Edge, there's more; be it GlimmerBlocker on OS X, be it the free but failing AdFender, be it AdGuard. All of them share one goal: Blocking advertisements and (optionally) other annoying stuff without browser-side restrictions.

Why I think you should use this product

In opposite to ad blocking add-ons for browsers, AdGuard works as a transparent proxy. Browser add-ons usually hog the system, transparent proxies don't. - Also, some of you might use more than one browser (or HTML-capable mail clients), so you'd have to install a pretty decent amount of extra software. Install, fire and forget, never see any ads again. You don't trust Adblock Plus/Edge? Use AdGuard!

(Admittedly, some of them might still come through; you can easily report them though.)

How does it compare to similar apps

Ah, my favorite section in this case:

In comparison to Ad Muncher (at least v4), AdGuard has a better looking multi-language GUI, HTTPS support, a more reliable browser overlay and a larger feature set, including "internet security" (blocks malicious websites).

In comparison to AdFender, AdGuard's built-in filters seem to work much better, AdFender failed to filter the majority of ads for me (regardless of the fact that it's freeware).

In comparison to Adblock Plus/Edge, AdGuard happily ignores which web browser you're using.


AdGuard is a nice ad blocker which definitely needs more attention. If there is one thing to complain, it's its license. No freeware! - Still, let's see how it'll perform compared to Ad Muncher 5 one it's released.

Still, let's see how it'll perform compared to Ad Muncher 5 one it's released.

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I wouldn’t hold my breath for Ad Muncher 5.0. There has not been any reported progress on that for quite some time, and they first announced it back in 2005 (or possible earlier!). That's NINE years now of talking about how great their next major update will be. NINE years! I give up. I'll give AdGuard a try.

Thanks for the review.


They announced AM5 to be released this Summer. Looks like winter now.

They announced AM5 to be released this Summer. Looks like winter now.
-Tuxman (September 01, 2014, 05:31 AM)
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Actually, Jeff made it quite clear on their forums they only announced the release of the FREE version of ad muncher this year, not Ad Muncher 5.


It sounded quite different in Murray's blog.


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