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Cyberfox Anyone?

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With that in mind, think i'll give CF another look.
The creator of SyncPlaces really expresses well my feelings with regards to Mozilla and recent changes in Firefox.

I've been trying to adjust to Australis but i really do find myself more "cornered" so to speak.
It's a similar sensation to when i use Google Chrome (or any Chrome based browser).

-dantheman (August 04, 2014, 07:52 AM)
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I'm using Classic Theme Restorer mainly because I'm using Glass on Windows 8.  Otherwise I'd have to install TabMix Plus and set custom background color for tabs to read the labels.

I never liked Ribbons.  But I got used to chromium.  It launched so fast I put up with the wrench then the hash mark or whatever it is.  I went back to FF once I saw it had speed comparable to chromium using a single exe. On Firefox first thing I do is enable the Menubar and BookmarksBar.

I'm missing something in CF.
After manually installing most of my favorite addons, i lost the url bar.
Removed all (most) of addons and still would not come back.

So, now i'm giving Palemoon a second chance.
No need for Classic Theme Restorer here and i like to have my favorite "Classic Compact" theme which will probably never be available for Asstralis.

I think the FF release cycle is just too fast.  And it's driving the spin-offs to keep up.  Seems like if it's FF or Pale Moon or whatever, it works for a couple of updates, then it's funky for a few.

A lot of time is wasted trying out supposedly stable versions only to uninstall after a bad patch.

Love to encourage software programmers when possible.
Don't always feel the same dedication in Linux as with Windows based.
-dantheman (August 03, 2014, 08:56 PM)
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Yeah, there's that. But that's what a dev's steady diet of "gratitude - but never any green" sometimes gets us. ;D

Calendarscope sounds like another application with a dozen possible replacements. What is its special ability?
-Tuxman (August 03, 2014, 09:02 PM)
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True.  But Calendarscope is REALLY fast.  And the coloring of events is probably the best i've ever seen.  Still difficult to justify the price though.


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