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Cyberfox Anyone?

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Just gave Cyberfox a spin - at first it looked spiffy but after syncing with Mozilla, everything just went quirky and toolbars were out of order. I have about 20 addons with Firefox that work just fine there. Don't feel like going through a tedious process of elimination with Cyberfox.

Palemoon is nice. It does have its hicks though.
Haven't tried it on Linux but it is really good (fast) on Nexus 7!
Can't say the same for Windows 7 64bit.

@40hz, are you still with LM (Ubuntu based distro)?

Windows 7 isn't fast on a Nexus 7?

The Palemoon 64bit version is not as fast on Windows 7 64bit as it is on Nexus 7.
Firefox on desktop beats this souped up edition of Palemoon.

@40hz, are you still with LM (Ubuntu based distro)?
-dantheman (August 03, 2014, 07:40 PM)
--- End quote ---


We fly the flags of several operating systems on my ship.

Still using Mint 17 'Qiana' as my main day-to-day. Also running Arch, Debian, and CrunchBang (for Linux) along with FreeBSD - depending on what I'm doing.

I've only tried PaleMoon on Mint so far. And I like it. :)

I like you 40hz!

Just don't have the gutz to go all the way with Linux.
So many programs in Windows... i like Cintanotes (don't work with Linux), i like Calendarscope (don't work with Linux), i like Evernote (don't work with Linux) not to mention that my CanoScan LiDE70 will never work with Linux.

Manjaro is cool too! ;)

Go figure why Palemoon is slower on Windows 7 than Nexus 7.


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