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DONE: Batch format editting in multiple sheets in multiple excel files in folder

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I'm not a coder, but I'm pretty sure there must be a way to get this done.... So the problem/task is the following:

I have a folder containing many excel files, which contain many sheets. My goal is to batch edit the formatting (font/size) of all sheets in all excel files without having to manually and individually do it for each excel file and each sheet contained in each said excel file. is there a way to do this??

Now, this here is a plus, but only if it's possible, on a separate folder I also have many excel files with many sheets, now, each sheet has a title on cell A1 which I would also like to format edit (font/size) since they are the title to each different subject represented in each different sheet, is it possible to batch edit the formatting in a specific cell for all files and its sheets??

Thank you whoever you are!!!

what fonts and sizes?

Times New Roman / 12

and for the title cells A1 in all the files and sheets Times new roman / 14

try this (excel vba macro)

tests OK here, but YMMV so try it on some test files first

any problems let me know

EDIT: redundant attachment removed

Will do.. Thank you so very much!!!!!


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