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Printer's Ink

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I've been thinking about printing out the internet. I hate buying refills for my printer and I'm wondering if anyone has had any success in refilling their cartridges using one of those kits that are being advertised?
I'd be interested in hearing how it worked, where you got it, and if even stupid, little (huh??), old, me could do it without ruining something??
I've got an old dot-matrix printer that would probably be cheaper to use but if I'm going to print out the internet I'd like all the pretty pictures included.

I've used ink jet refills with no problem.

If you have a DMP, you're probably using a ribbon? I used to just rewind the ribbon years ago, and that worked well enough.

But, printers are so cheap that it's probably better to just get a new one.

I'm currently using 2 laser printers and use refilled cartridges that are half the price.

I'm not sure if that helps...

We talked about this quite a bit at one point; see this thread:

If you're really printing a *lot*, you could set up one of those IV style systems where you have the ink in bottles piped directly to the cartridges.

Try for more info

If you have a DMP, you're probably using a ribbon? I used to just rewind the ribbon years ago, and that worked well enough.
-Renegade (July 24, 2014, 10:39 AM)
--- End quote ---
I don't want to change the subject here but "rewinding"..............
Surely you didn't rewind those ribbons by hand, manually, twist, twist, twist, turn, turn, turn...huh???

I ask because I acquired a Canon Typestar 10 battery powered typewriter and the ribbon on that is completely see-thru at this point. I've checked it out thoroughly, it runs on D cells or a wart, but research indicates that the only possibility of finding a new ribbon for it lies in a visit to the Museum of Natural History and they don't sell items on display?

There are a zillion types of printer and typewriter ribbons around with a good possibility of finding one the same width as the one for that typewriter. With a suitable jury-rig maybe I could rewind a new ribbon into the old cartridge? what's your secret???
(my nephew brought that typewriter in..... he works for a moving and storage company and somebody they were moving dumped it. He thought he had found a laptop??)

Now back to our main program......
mouser has posted a link that I must check out.


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