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Scoring of recently used items being re-scored after presented in FARR

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The only time an item will change score, is if it is "found" in multiple ways -- because the different ways of finding things can trigger different bonuses.

I can't remember if there are other ways this can happen but the one time when this may happen is if an item is in your launch history, it will be scored first.  It will later be found again while doing a directory search, which may result in a different score.
-mouser (July 23, 2014, 01:13 PM)
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maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying above, but the scoring is also related to the letters typed matching the entry in the list - mind you 1000 to 2000 points sounds very high scores compered to what I usually see on this machine (I havent messed around with the default settings much).

maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying above, but the scoring is also related to the letters typed matching the entry in the list -
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Yes -- the issue here is that when an item is in your launch history, it doesn't JUST get a bonus in score from being on that list.  Something else happens to items on the launch history list.

What also happens is that FARR searches that list FIRST, before doing anything else.  That's what allows that list to act like a very fast cache -- so results previously launched are listed immediately.

Then FARR does it's normal search of folders.. at which point an item that was found when initially going through the history list will be found a second time..
What's happening in Filipe's case is that the second time the item is found, it is getting a higher score.  The question is why is it getting a different score the second time it's found.  

In broad terms -- the score is probably different because FARR is adding some bonus the second time around, that is calculated based on where it was found (i.e. while doing a search of a specific directory that has a bonus associated with it).  Now I *thought* I accounted for that already but there must be a scenario I overlooked.

That's why I'm asking if Filepe can figure out where the increase in score might be coming from -- as that would tell me which scoring bonus I neglected to apply when scoring items from the initial pass through the launch history.

Thanks for the in-depth mouser :up:
(I had a feeling that what I was pointing out was to be taken for granted.)

I have found that weighting interactions can get quite complex so, as I am sure you already know, you can just create a quick alias for common items (e.g., 'mus' in this case) when this problem arises and not worry too much about it.

If a particular similar problem frequently arises a careful examination of your custom weighting rules helps.

JohnJ's advice is one all users would do well to follow as a general rule:

If you are launching something frequently, make a custom alias for it!  The result will be that it will be found instantly, and it will block out all other results.


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