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Learnable memberships available @ $9/mo (vs $29/mo regularly) for next few days


Recently got an email:

There's just a few days left to grab unlimited enrollments for $9!

Learnable memberships are normally $29/month. And with unlimited course enrollments, all SitePoint ebooks, 4,500+ tutorials, and quick answers from the experts, we think it's an incredible value.

But we've heard the requests for a cheaper plan, and today we have an awesome deal: The $9 Plan.

Unlimited Enrollments, Now $9
Join now and pay just $9/month to access our entire library of web dev courses and ebooks—online and on demand. There's no contract, so you can pause or cancel at anytime.

We've never offered a monthly price this low, and it's not available outside of this email so please use the special links in this email to purchase.
--- End quote ---

Use this link for the special price.

There's nothing in the email they sent me saying not to share the link - and it's supposedly for unlimited enrolments - so I guess it's ok to post it here. :) has been around for years and many people think very highly of their resources.

Thanks!  Looks like a cool resource, and $9 isn't much to spend considering how much I spend on books :)


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