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Hardware source


Here's a link to a hardware source that I have used in the past.
Most of it would be of interest to ITs rather than a home user. Equipment racks, cables, etc.
Some items would be of interest to home users........ I bought some six foot patch cables for 25 cents apiece a while back.
They put out a weekly newsletter and you have to watch that and plan ahead to really save!
I've used for many years but it wouldn't hurt to compare the two before spending big bucks. (In a World-Wide Consortium "bucks" may not be appropriate so maybe money is the word?)
Take a look....... I'm sure they will beat Best Buy's $50 Monster Cable.

That's a scary looking URL but it takes you there...... I checked in IE, Chrome and FF

^You can also go there via  :)

^You can also go there via  :)

-40hz (July 22, 2014, 03:30 PM)
--- End quote ---

True enough, the only difference being, that the link you used takes you to their web site.
The Mickey Mouse'd link I posted links to their weekly sales bulletin where they post their sale prices.
I don't know if their sale prices are reflected on their home page where you could take advantage of them?
That site goes on for a week or so and I think it would be a good idea to require an IT to identify each piece of hardware shown on that site.
and I don't mean a multiple choice test ;)...........
write down the name, one by one :D


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