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Folder Modifier Bug?

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To add to my above response. I am aware of modifiers, which can be very useful. However, they would be very cumbersome to use in the manner I found so useful in Keybreeze which automatically treats every item added as aliased and the alias not the original item is used for searches. All I am looking for is a method to optionally automatically interject a searchable 'alias' for every item and that alias is then used in my search. For example I might alias the program MS Word to be 'Word Editor Write' or even intentionally misspell words to create a particular order in results (e.g., an alias of 'w ord' (with the space) might always bring Word to the top of results by simply typing 'w'). There are simple hacks to naming certain aliases that you pick up over time in the same way you might adjust scores in FARR but the results can be much more focused, far easier to maintain and will not 'break' as often.


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