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Recommendation for offline "QR Code Generating" Firefox Add-on / Extension?

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I'm looking for a Firefox add-on to show a QR code of the currently visible page -- preferably not leaking URL info via the network (so offline QR code generation) and without having to restart.

Some candidates that turned up included:

Offline QR generator
QR Code Image Generator

A reviewer suggested the following might also work offline:


Anyone have a favorite that seems applicable?

So far Offline QR generator has been pretty decent.

Just noticed today that in the QR code window that pops up, there's a text field with a URL -- IIUC this is filled in by the add-on but it may be edited and the QR code is regenerated (as one edits even).

This feature can be handy when there are few things about the URL one would like to alter (e.g. removing certain unnecessary tracking info).  The text field can also be filled in with things other than URLs too ;)

Code is at:


You can also click the arrows at the bottom which will give you some more options, such as resizing the QR code. I've noticed that for some reason I can't make it bigger until I make it smaller first.

That is, clicking the zoom in button does nothing, until I click the zoom out button once. Then I can make it bigger than it originally appears by clicking the zoom in button multiple times.

I have been using it for a long time. It has helped me a lot in transferring text to my mobile (Nokia 5230, non IOS or Android), via QR reader.

I transfer big text of SMS (festival, birthday etc. wishes) from searched sites, url of a site to check in mobile browser etc. I found it much master to type my required text in the QR box and then QR read it in my mobile.

Really a time saver.



You can also click the arrows at the bottom which will give you some more options
-Deozaan (October 17, 2014, 01:37 AM)
--- End quote ---

Not sure if I understood appropriately -- the arrows to the bottom right of the QR code?  Clicking that just sends me to a page with the QR code on it.

Hovering over the QR code pops up a couple of small magnifying glass icons to the top left corner -- those seemed to work ok for me, but may be once I've made it smaller, until the browser is restarted it works...


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