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Anyone familiar with "lazyload"?
How-to-Geek uses something called lazyload in their html code.
Images on the page aren't loaded until you scroll down to them on the page.
I open a page, determine from the title that I want to save it to disk, click Save and wind up with a page with a dozen placeholders and a dozen missing images!
Trying to follow a tutorial with a series of screenshots and the pretty pictures missing is a PITA.
Any way to defeat lazyload?

I believe there is a Greasemonkey plugin that will disable Lazyload. Look here.

Downloaded a 2kb .js which says remove lazyload but I have no idea what to do with it.
No wrapper and no instructions!
I need some more advice, please, and I think I can do it without pictures... ;D

Found it!
Just dragged it to the menu bar and it stuck?
Let me try it. If this works you see big tears of joy :D

Didn't work........... its a shortcut to Greasemonkey but nothing happened to How-to-Geek page I was trying to download.


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