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Free desktop Advanced web search with history


I use several browsers : IE, Chrome, Firefox....
So i would like a desktop web search utility with possibilities.
Better if portable.

Best Regards

This is an aproximation, but I don't see a powerful advanced search options.

The appearance of the webs is not a luminous one in the last wave but if the program goes well.....
The program seems conserv a history of the sites visited.

I was on Thursday in the TLP 2014 here in Tenerife.
I assisted to several workshops for developers to ask them for a good application to document the web browsing history with artificial intelligency and obtain no answer from about 17 informatic engineers.....
One of them was a teacher and proposed a GymKhana.....


Seems don't have advanced search option.

Do you know a link with detailed and full commands for advanced searching for dummies ?

Best Regards


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