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Google designing the font of the future

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Looks good. However when I went to get their recommended All-in-one CJK super OTC font from the link on their download page, all I got was this:

Same went for any other download link on the download page.

Oh well. :)

Fonts do matter, but it seems that there are different opinions about what's readable and what's not.
(Especially as a programmer, it's hard to find the perfect font. Consolas? Source Pro? ...)

I prefer Droid Sans to Roboto. Not sure why.

I see from the info it was designed by Monotype. :-* Small surprise it's as well done as it is. :Thmbsup:

eh... I can easily Save Target As... and download all 108MB ( ) but Windows Explorer claims NotoSansCJK.ttc is not a valid font file. Should it be renamed to .OTF?
Modified: No, it shouldn't!  :(

The full CJK family unpacked from "Noto all languages" is 28 files taking up a total of 438MB
- it was taking up all of the container, except 6MB!


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