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Changing file format with command line option?

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referring to my thread: "Feature request: quickly switch between PNG und JPG"

Is there a command line option to change the file format?

In the help file I discovered "only" these options for a running instance of TC:

Usefile commandline options to use on an already-running copy of ScreenshotCaptor (the second instance won't run but it will pass the command to the first instance):
 -ccpath  (copy current/last screenshot filepath to clipboard)
 -ccbitmap (copy current/last screenshot image bitmap to clipboard)
 -ccfile (copy current/last screenshot file to clipboard)
--- End quote ---

Thanks a lot!

You want to change the file format going forward right -- for screenshots taken subsequent to the commandline invocation -- yes?

I am searching for a solution to change between these 2 file formats quickly (best: changing it via a shortcut e.g. via AutoHotkey...) and afterwards making a screenshot via the "usual way" = (in my case) by pressing the print screen key and then by choosing an option of the post capture menu (by the way: I added some more shortcuts for this menu with AutoHotKey, e.g. for uploading an image directly to and similar specific needs)...

... and not doing this "circuitous" by right clicking on the icon in the system tray - preferences - choosing the file format - clicking Accept

... because I change this setting very often a day and want to do this "very quickly" :)

PS: sorry, my German is much better than my English ;)

I will add this to the next release.

Wow, I'm fascinated! :) ... and will download the next release tomorrow ;) ;)


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