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Readability and Reading List

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A Readability page is meant to be printed, or virtually printed = saved as a PDF file => so you should click "Print", not "Save", and print to .pdf!

I am and have been using Readability for some years. Yes, it doesn't always save the pictures, but then I save the picture separately, and in my PDF editor I simply insert a new page with the missing pictures. But as you said, this is a frustrating waste of time.

By the way: The reason pictures are not always saved is, that Readability itself has determined that they are adverts or otherwise not related to the article. So, it is not a javascript error, but the article itself that was not designed in a way Readability could fully understand.

-Curt (July 17, 2014, 02:10 AM)
--- End quote ---

Curt, I think you might have wandered off into the woods with Contro following Virginia Murdock.

I am not even remotely interested in Readability or a pdf page.
I've been talking about "Read Now", a feature provided by that promises to convert a web page and remove the clutter, ads, extraneous, and superfluous garbage, that we must endure to get a paragraph of data about a subject we are interested in learning more about. For years I've been saving to my HDD, how-tos and tutorials as html pages which, time permitting, I edit and remove all the clutter that 'Read Now" promises to remove. In many instances they produce an acceptable product that has value to me but a page without the images has no value. A page discussing a screenshot of a page in your registry without the screenshot is worthless, at least to me!

What I want is a copy of the article, with images included where appropriate, sans "Junk". Reverse engineered is one way to explain it.
I want the page in html format so I can edit it further if I want or reduce it to a "checklist"
I subscribe to a method used by the old railroad section chief, Finnegan, when reporting a train derailment to the line chief:
Off Again
On Again
Gone Again,

Save to pdf? The guy at the desk at suggested EPUB. I think he's out in the woods with Contro, following Virginia Murdock.
I need html files, as they can be compiled, using MS's Help Compiler. A series of tutorials, reduced to their lowest common denominator, in html format, compiled into a .chm file is neat and sanitary.

I appreciate your explanation of javascript, and have been informed repeatedly that it's a necessary evil, but to me it's simply a PITA.
I remove it when possible as it seems to help with the headaches?

Thanks for your input but I don't think we are on the same page.



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