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Is anyone familiar with the browser add-on Read Now and Read Later from or MS's own Reading Lists, which does basically the same thing?


Readability is a web and mobile app that zaps online clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view."

I found Readability a while back and thought my problems were solved......
not true!
Only partially........
My memory is bad and getting worse so rather than save something to Favorites I save the web page. As you all know, web pages are getting larger and larger and only about 5% of the page is data you want to save.
Readability has come up with a partial solution and from what I can gather they have stopped further development.
Using Read Now add-on you come up with a page stripped of all the clutter and left with the "meat of the matter" for your perusal. Nice!!
Now my problem enters the picture...........
when I save the converted page I get a copy of the original page and not the stripped down page (I'm smelling java!)
I contacted and the man on the phone suggested I try saving as EPUB or something. duh!
Currently, as a workaround, I've been viewing the source of a page, copying the source, dropping it into Notepad2, and saving it as the original title.htm.
I get what I want with this method but it is time consuming and I'm frustrated that so seemingly a simply problem is so damned complex.
With the "Cloud" in the mix and 90-95% of their storage space consumed by superfluous clutter I don't understand why this is still a problem.
I'm a two-fingered-hunt and peck typist who hasn't even written a .bat file in the last 20 years so I'm worthless as part of the solution!
Anyone know anything about this that would solve the problem?


Hmm. I'll trade you being a 4 fingered typist who somehow managed to get to 30 wpm, vs *never* having written a .bat file ever! So I'll go sideways in my attempt to work on your concept and problem.

I just glanced at Readability, but I'm not up for signing up for a service just for this post. My specialty is more user-level tweaking offline tricks to do stuff.

Some ideas:

1. Make a folder on your desktop called articles. Make a bunch of empty text files just by copying one and hitting Control-V until you get "copy of copy of copy of copy of newfile.txt" or whatever. Point is, you use Readability to strip the page down, then select the article, and paste it to one of the empty text shells, and rename it as you like. Bonus of this is you add your own name to what the article means, vs the site default page name. Downside is sometimes pages use pictures for part of the article.

2. I discovered a while back, a fast and dirty hack addon called "QuickJS" (Javascript) which toggles Javascript on and off in one click. (When you said Java, I think you mean Javascript, a different thing and a whole other thread.) So sometimes you just toggle that off, load the page, and it stops five of the seven other dumb things from loading. Then you "Save as html only", and while it looks a bit ugly, it tends to be pretty small all told.

3. "Links Files". If you're really cruising, and this time keying on the "memory problem", I have used text files with 2 line entries. (I get lazy and call the files like "July 13 links" but name them whatever.) So then you just copy the link and smash it into the text file, with a 7 word description of what it is. This is when having 20 separate items could overwhelm you in a folder, but 20 items in a text file isn't so bad if you have them in two week batches.

4. This last one is a bit different. Let's say there's an article (or a TV show!) that has just one incredible part and the rest is blah. Then you can do things like use Mouser's SC Capture to capture the exact part, then dump it into Tom Revell's Stickies. (If this sounds remotely interesting there is one more advanced trick for later.) Point is, you didn't want that entire 3000 word article, you wanted 2 sentences that changed your life for a week.

So there's some stuff!

I glanced at your ideas and there's nothing there I can use.
Text files won't work......... I need the images.
"QuickJS" doesn't work in IE.
Links don't help........ I want an uncluttered web page saved to my HDD.
SC or parts of a page is not what I'm after.
I'm looking for a way to save a web page, converted by Readability, using java script, as an HTML file that I can open in IE11.
Thanks again...

If the web is not prepared to modify the letter size i use a lupa .

Lately i was searching for a readability software in the sense of easy to comprehend. There is not much software able to do this. simplify the text.

Try Readability...........
it's free
a simple add-in.............

It satisfies my needs with the exception of saving. It has no provision to save the simplified file??

I drop the simplified source code into Notepad2, which handles html nicely, and save as an uncluttered web page. Neat and sanitary but more time consuming than I'd like.


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