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it's like drinking warm piss. Oh... got a story about that, but, maybe later.-Renegade (July 22, 2014, 06:00 PM)
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You got a story about drinking warm piss?!? O_o ...Was this during a trip to Brazil by chance??
-Stoic Joker (July 23, 2014, 11:45 AM)
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I soooooo do not want to hear this story! :P
-40hz (July 23, 2014, 02:15 PM)
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I agree with 40.  Gross.

Ren, PM me the story please.

You got a story about drinking warm piss?!? O_o ...Was this during a trip to Brazil by chance??
-Stoic Joker (July 23, 2014, 11:45 AM)
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Nope. Just an average weekend in Canada. :P

I soooooo do not want to hear this story! :P
-40hz (July 23, 2014, 02:15 PM)
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Oh, you know you do! :P

Ren, PM me the story please.
-superboyac (July 23, 2014, 03:27 PM)
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Hahaha! I'll post it in a spoiler later when I have a chance.

But... what I came here for...

I used this yeast for my ginger ale batch (E1118):

I also used some natural honey, dark brown sugar, and regular sugar. Lots of lemon as well - 5 lemons total. 250 g of ginger finely pureed (not liquified). Total volume was about 7 L.

Today I measured the alcohol and it was clocking in around 7~10%, which is lots. I also had a tiny taste...

But first... the commercial ginger beer/ale I bought the other day:

Super sweet. It's drinkable though. Not a huge amount of flavour. Typical commercial mass market stuff.

I was pretty much blown away by the small sample I had. It was beautiful. I'm now wondering what the finished product will be like. The only thing is that I may have made it a bit sweeter than I'd anticipated -- my last batches were VERY dry. But, so far so good.

They're capped now, and just waiting to carbonate for a couple days or so.

The "Piss" Story
Names are changed to protect the guilty! :P

Once upon a time, way back in high school, we used to drink a lot, smoke a lot of drugs, and play a lot of RPGs (Role Playing Game)...

One weekend over at Clive's house (his parents were away), we're set up and playing an RPG (I think it was Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but it might have been Rifts or something else). Of course, this is before the weekend debauchery of booze & drugs.

Alex shows up at the house with a case of beer...

Now, a few of the guys didn't particularly like Alex all that much. He was one of those guys that was scrawny and took to steroids to bulk up, and some of the guys thought that was lame. I never particularly cared much.

Clive was adamant that nobody could smoke pot at the house. Solution? Simple. Walk down the street to the woods in the park nearby.

So Alex and a couple other guys leave for the park...

I'm the Games Master, so I'm not leaving. Besides, I'm a fucking wreck when I'm high. Just useless. So, needless to say, I'm running the game while Alex & co. are absent.

Now, Brad & a couple of the boys get the idea that some free beer (that Alex brought) would be a good idea!

Several bottles of beer are opened (twist tops - Alex had bad taste in beer then - IIRC it was Budweiser) and begin drinking. I didn't drink it because it was warm & shitty beer anyways.

Then Brad gets the idea that it would be an even better idea to conceal that a few of the boys had had some of Alex's beer...

And to piss in the bottles.

But, beer is required to be in bottles to taste like beer.

Now, not everyone there can piss all that much, so some bottles need to be a combination of beer & tap water instead of just beer & piss.

Brad is meticulous. Very meticulous. He caps the bottles and carefully puts them back in the case where he knows what they are...

A while later, Alex & some of the boys are back from the park.

Alex decides to crack open a beer...

The case is sitting right next to Brad, who naturally keeps his eye on what beer is chosen.

Alex takes a swig of beer...

"What the fuck? This tastes like piss! What the fuck are you assholes doing? Here Darren, taste this!"

Alex hands a bottle over to Darren, who nervously looks over to Brad who signals Darren that it's ok.

Darren says 'sure' and takes a gulp. "Tastes fine to me." (The bottle was watered down.)

Brad takes the bottle, takes a drink, and verifies Darren's assessment.

Alex is skeptical, and takes another bottle of beer out of the case...

He takes one of the bottles that's half piss...

Cracks it open...

Takes a swig...

Loudly exclaims...

"Now that's a beer!"

We had enough self control to save the laughter for later. But man... that was one of the funniest things.

Water tastes like piss, and piss tastes like beer... cripes...

Some fun beer commercials:

What do you mean I can't drink it? :)

Damn rules! :P

Homebrew is still leagues better than that stuff.

Well, some more lessons learned...

I need to filter my syrup more. I don't mind sediment, but I got way too much particulate matter in this batch of ginger ale. Like, nearly lemonade with pulp.

I've also concluded that I should probably simmer the syrup a bit more.

I think much finer filters are needed coffee filters.

Also, I need to be more patient in letting it ferment. I opened some 2, 4 days after starting, and that's not long enough.

Also, probably a bit less lemon. I used 5 in this batch. It's good - no mistake about that, but it's more like ginger-lemonade with too much lemon. Just a matter of taste there... which brings me to...

So many more ideas! Just mash up some strawberries and go wild! :) It's just flavour anyways. It's the yeast & sugar that give it the alcohol & fizz. So, that overdose on lemon has me thinking in a much broader sense now.

And, knowing how to properly open a super-mega-fizzy bottle is a learned skill. I tried a few ways, and have now settled on a solid method that works for explosively wild fizziness. :D

One last thing... Using a fermenter is way better than just doing it in bottles.


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