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South Park moves behind Hulu paywall starting Sept 24, 2014

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Just me blathering...It is a little weird to see Matt Parker and Trey Stone happily chatting around the change as if nothing happened and it's all a big win for their fans. Especially after their original discussion about why it was so important for them to be able to make the entire archive of past episodes freely available when they first started doing it.
-40hz (July 13, 2014, 08:22 PM)
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It is odd. Especially as the episodes aren't available. (See below.)

Then there's all the commercials and region lockout you get with Hulu. That's something nobody in SP or Hulu will even acknowledge, let alone talk about.


Commenter seaborgium over at Ars Technica said it best: Locking your show behind only one method of streaming is a big reason why people torrent.
-40hz (July 13, 2014, 08:22 PM)
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The best online TV service is EZTV. They have an excellent selection with a huge catalog of older shows. Their interface is easy to use and fairly reliable, though they do tend to have downtime every now and then.

But EZTV isn't monopolistic. You can access their services through The Pirate Bay as well.

Their broad distribution, regional agnosticism, and fair treatment of all people visiting them has earned them a good reputation.

<snicker />

The hoops & hurdles required by services like Hulu have driven traffic to other providers, like EZTV.

Now, on the dollar side of things...

If you're accessing Hulu for $8, that's about as much as you'd spend for a VPN. So there's really very little difference, if any. But with a VPN and torrents, you're unencumbered by logging in, managing accounts, and getting locked out of something because of where you live.

Throw into the mix that streaming is just crappy, compared to downloading, and what do you have?

What's the upside argument for Hulu? Not much.

And one final jab at Hulu...

In their "MADE IN CANADA" section, they don't have Trailer Park Boys. Pfft. (NFSW - but the domain should already be enough to know that)

I gladly shelled out to Swearnet for a subscription. In Bitcoin. :)

Wow, very interesting.  I should be following these kinds of current events since I'm interested in learning this business.

I always thought it was amazing that SP offered their library for free on their website.  other shows, like late night, do it as well, but not the entire library like SP did.  I wonder what all this sort of thing is really leading up to, and I hope it's not as bad as it seems.


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