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Tried git-annex / git-annex assistant?

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Perhaps this is what is being suggested by the error:

1. Line 2 of git-annex-autostart.vbs is failing
2. Line 2 seems to be requesting that the command "git annex assistant --autostart" be executed
3. If the failure is due to a file being failed to be located, may be the process executing the vbs file is not able to locate the executable for "git".

Since the windows support seems to be in beta, may be it's better to wait until it's more polished.

I hope that what happen may serve to you.
I am very used to install programs. Not as a programmer of course.
I have observed the program - or the needed GIT uses the contextual menu with three entries :
Git init here
Git gui
Git bas
I am not using the program and the aim was try the system for you. I think needs a litlle more of "ergonomy" and easy manipulation.
So I don't recommend
I don't recommend for me of course

Thanks for trying :)

May be it will be more generally accessible at some point down the line.

Ready to try for you. Anything in any moment.
Best Regards


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