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Tried git-annex / git-annex assistant?

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Any one tried the git-annex system?

Quoted below are two use cases:

use case: The Archivist

Bob has many drives to archive his data, most of them kept offline, in a safe place.

With git-annex, Bob has a single directory tree that includes all his files, even if their content is being stored offline. He can reorganize his files using that tree, committing new versions to git, without worry about accidentally deleting anything.

When Bob needs access to some files, git-annex can tell him which drive(s) they're on, and easily make them available. Indeed, every drive knows what is on every other drive.

Bob thinks long-term, and so he appreciates that git-annex uses a simple repository format. He knows his files will be accessible in the future even if the world has forgotten about git-annex and git.

Run in a cron job, git-annex adds new files to archival drives at night. It also helps Bob keep track of intentional, and unintentional copies of files, and logs information he can use to decide when it's time to duplicate the content of old drives.

--- End quote ---

use case: The Nomad

Alice is always on the move, often with her trusty netbook and a small handheld terabyte USB drive, or a smaller USB keydrive. She has a server out there on the net. She stores data, encrypted in the Cloud.

All these things can have different files on them, but Alice no longer has to deal with the tedious process of keeping them manually in sync, or remembering where she put a file. git-annex manages all these data sources as if they were git remotes.

When she has 1 bar on her cell, Alice queues up interesting files on her server for later. At a coffee shop, she has git-annex download them to her USB drive. High in the sky or in a remote cabin, she catches up on podcasts, videos, and games, first letting git-annex copy them from her USB drive to the netbook (this saves battery power).

When she's done, she tells git-annex which to keep and which to remove. They're all removed from her netbook to save space, and Alice knows that next time she syncs up to the net, her changes will be synced back to her server.

--- End quote ---

Also from the homepage:

git-annex is designed for git users who love the command line. For everyone else, the git-annex assistant turns git-annex into an easy to use folder synchroniser.

--- End quote ---

Seems a programmer tool. But I am going to try and comment.
Best Regards

Owwww. Downloading for Android to my S4 device.
recently i assisted to the TLP 2014 and see a Docker presentation.
It's a virtual machine for developers. Very useful indeed for developers. But for trying apps they tell me i don't need that tool.
And on windows there is an alpha. Downloadinggggggggggggggggg
I will comment !!!!!!!

git-annex is not in google play. So i download directly.
Recently I have to reiniate the mobile because corruption.
I have not rooted the mobile yet because of the warranty. So i have to download from the web and install.
It's heavy about 22 MB
open a terminal
What's next ?

Trying the alpha for windows . I will comment.


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