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NoteFrog lifetime license $9.95 - but no new licenses ever after??


I've never seen this happen to a software license before  :o  My italics:

Happy birthday Frog!
Posted by berry – July 10, 2014

The Frog is 6 years old. Not too bad for the amphibian. Not bad for most software either.

In celebration, we’re offering a NoteFrog license at the incredible price of $9.95 and also introducing – NoteFrog “friends and family” licensing.

From now until the end of the promotion, licensing is an “in perpetuity” (Lifetime) license. You may use NoteFrog forever and will be entitled to any and all future versions offered. And, yes, there will be future versions offered. We use NoteFrog ourselves and will continue to improve it and add features. Version 3 is currently in beta testing and features AES128 database encryption as an option for those of you concerned about the privacy/security of your NoteFrog library. We are also working on the inclusion of HTML data in the library. These and other improvements will be available to all registered users.

All NoteFrog development will continue to be made available to our licensees, but following this policy transition we will no longer be actively marketing/selling NoteFrog. All NoteFrog upgrades will be limited to the existing “family” of users.

Quite a few of our current licensees are word-of-mouth customers. They’ve joined the NoteFrog family as a result of a recommendation from a family member, friend or associate. We appreciate the loyalty of our customer base, so we will continue to make NoteFrog available to your “friends and family” based on a recommendation from you, our customers. Simply send us the email address for your NoteFrog “friends and family” license request using your NoteFrog registration email account and we will send them an email link allowing them to purchase NoteFrog at the “friends and family” license price, currently $15.95. This “friends and family” referral will be the only way to obtain a NoteFrog license after the current promotion period.

Help spread the word, and the word is “The Frog is having a sale.”

But don’t delay. When the sale is over, it’s over.

--- End quote ---

No time period quoted for the promo?

The terms of that offer make absolutely no sense.

There has to be an error or word or two missing in there somewhere.  :huh:

That or this is the prelude to the app becoming abandonware or hobbyware.

Not the sort of product I'd want to continue using to store my data.

posted my reply on the crosspost: 

Not sure if it's better to keep conversation here or there (hence why I hate crossposts)

posted my reply on the crosspost: 

Not sure if it's better to keep conversation here or there (hence why I hate crossposts)
-wraith808 (July 11, 2014, 03:58 PM)
--- End quote ---
That's what I was thinking (reading wraith's post).  it makes sense to me.  They're not making much money on this thing, but they use it themselves and they'll probably just fix bugs that users find from now on.

It's such a competitive field, there are soooooo many clipboard managers.


Going a bit broader, we're losing the culture where all the cool toys came from. 30 year olds who had a dream are becoming 36/45 year olds who are wearing out and have nowhere to pass the torch to.

Also, except litero-figuratively, "the net isn't getting any faster", but the corp/govt responses to it are. So all the money from the 20 year plan to lock it down is really starting to show.

Again ignoring the straw man of data rates, the net in 1999 is the same net we have today. But weird factors are crushing our enthusiasm for it all, year by year.

This latest thing is just another one. "Last gasp to make my mortgage for 7 more months but I'm not into this anymore".

I don't know "what to do with the paradigm". I miss the optimism of the old days, but the new trends feel like juggernauts.


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