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IDEA: Extent or rework Skrommel's LiP script also for videos

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I love the LiP - little Java script Skrommel made for quick saving all pictures directly linked from page (, it makes a picture-hunter's life much easier :Thmbsup:
It would be even better to have a script that would enable to quickly save all directly linked videos (when you have link like thumbnail->video.mpg) from a page. Is' it possible or not?
Have a fruitfull brainstorm! ;)

:) I don't understand why I haven't made this years ago!

LiPs - Bookmarklet that opens all linked movies and pictures on a web page.

- Autoplays movies in their original size, and centers images.
- Use Tab to skip to the next image, and space to go one screen down.
- Reload the page to autoplay all movies after they have loaded.

- Rightclick the (at the moment) very odd looking link at my home page, select Add to Favorites, choose the Links folder. To use it, just go to a web page with links to images or movies, and click the LiPs link on your Links bar.

You'll find the downloads and more info at 1 Hour Software by Skrommel.

I started making a batch downloader for dragging and dropping web urls from your browser, but then I realised it would be much easier to use javascript. But if you want this instead, just let me know.

But there must be some size limitations to Bookmarklets, because I couldn't add the tags to control autoplay, and also there's no support for FireFox. Anyone got any info on this?


 :) Updated LiPs to v1.1!

Added support for FireFox, and better handling of QuickTime and RealMedia. Also removed multiple links.


 :) Updated LiPs to v1.2!

Added a really cool scrolling and zooming!


Hi Skrommel,

I am trying your LiPs plugin for maxthon....but cant see it on my plugin toolbar...anything i need to enable?



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