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Open Source, P2P Decentralised Market Released


This could be VERY big. An open source, P2P decentralised marketplace.

That's where it is maintained.

On Reddit:

* Decentralized, no servers
* Bitmessage as a transportation medium
* One "Public channel" for offers, "Messages" for direct communication
* Bitcoin for payments
* Three multisig addresses: one for the payment, two for insurance payments
* Buyer and seller both send 5% of the sum to one multisig address
* Both have an (5%) incentive to be honest and stick to their side of the deal
* After the buyer receives the goods, all three payments are released: 5% back to the buyer, payment to the seller, 5% back to the seller
This could be a threat to eBay and Amazon at some point, but we'll see.

Here's a fun video for BitXBay:

It also gives a bit of flavour for what it's about. Sweet!


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