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In search of ... botanical info

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It's not a book, but it is substantially cheaper than one (free).  ;)

For food gardening I'd suggest The New Self-Sufficient Gardner by John Seymour. First published back in 1978 (minus the "New" in the title) it's still as relevant and useful today as it was back then.


We (GF and I) also liked Garden Way's Joy of Gardening and Starter Vegetable Gardens: 24 No-Fail Plans for Small Organic Gardens . Both are excellent veggie gardening resources.


For plant encyclopedias, look no further than the publications of The American Horticultural Society. :-* The American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants is about as definitive as it gets. Very reasonably priced too for something of this magnitude.

For wildflowers, trees, 'shrooms, etc. I think the Audubon Field Guides are excellent resources for good info.

These books are all standards and can be found in many (if not most) local libraries. A visit for an hour or two to page through their gardening collection would let you know if the above suggestions are what you're looking for.

Luck! :Thmbsup:


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