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Can you activate Windows 8.1 Professional with Windows 8 Professional key?

AFAIK If it's an OEM copy (as opposed to Retail) the answer is no.

Officially, you'd need to install Windows 8 first - then it's highly recommended you install all the available updates for Windows 8 - and then download and install the free upgrade via the Windows Store to bring it up to 8.1. 'Official' process is documented here.

Unlike previous versions of Windows, the Windows 8.1 upgrade (from Win8) is only available through the Windows Store. If you don't see it in the store, look here for possible issues with your copy of Win 8. Note: the rules can change depending upon how you licensed it. (Leave it to Microsoft to have such a muddy licensing model.)

However, the official process may not be the best for you. See following post by 4wd for better info...

Luck! :Thmbsup:

Are we talking OEM or Retail?

OEM = No
Retail = Yes

See here.

If it's a clean install of 8.1 Pro RETAIL, then from point 4 onwards should work fine - I've done a clean install 8.1 Pro and activation using 8.0 Pro keys at least 3 times without a problem.

^ My bad. I just assumed he wasn't using a full retail copy. OP updated. :-[

Stoic Joker:
^ My bad. I just assumed he wasn't using a full retail copy. OP updated. :-[
-40hz (July 10, 2014, 11:53 AM)
--- End quote ---

I had the same initial reaction (/answer), but didn't have time to post it. However in retrospect I don't actually recall seeing a OEM COA with a Product Key on any of the new Windows 8 machines I've encountered. So are you saying that there is no "latitude" in the OEM self activation scheme?


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