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Malwarebytes self-start problem

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I've used the Event viewer and BlueScreenView, along with "Who Crashed" and several diagnostic utilities. Unfortunately they usually cannot point out the actual driver causing the problem that led to the crash - only the Windows system driver that ultimately shut down the system. E.g., this phrase, or a similar version of it, is used in most of the diagnostics I have tried: "This problem is most likely caused by another driver on your system which cannot be identified at this time."

I have identified 22 separate drivers that have initiated BSODs, plus several others supposedly caused by the kernel, ntoskrnl.exe, though all checks and tests state that another 3rd party driver is actually causing the kernel to shut down. I tried sussing this out by myself long enough and I'm officially throwing in the towel and letting Puget Systems figure it out!

Thank you.


For me, the BSOD causative IDing process is mostly experimental guesswork.
My entire OS slowed down so that there was about a 3 to 5 second delay in response time, and the only real change I had made recently was that I had added Malwarebytes.
When I uninstalled Malwarebytes as an experiment, the delay all but disappeared.
Since my machine is about 6 years old, I fault my aging hardware, not Malwarebytes.

The BSODs continued to happen after uninstall of Malwarebytes, so there had to be another cause.
Having removed Malwarebytes and still getting BSODs, I added a ram booster, MZ Ram, which failed to eliminate the BSODs.
It seemed to happen anytime after running TOR Vidalia (which incorporates an integral stripped down or locked down anti-stalker version of Firefox that won't play videos), plus a fully functional version of Firefox that does play videos, which seems to destabilize the OS resulting in BSODs.
Switching exclusively to Seamonkey for a time seemed to prove this out because I mostly stopped getting BSODs.
Then my Java ran a self-update, and most of the BSODs went away even with TOR Vidalia and running videos with full Firefox mode.
So I kind of fault the Java as having been in need of an update, but I'm only guessing.

My box is an AMD 4400+ dual core with 3GB ram and a slightly newer video card, so it's getting old, and if I could get a new box I would not hesitate to reinstall Malwarebytes.
I paid for Malwarebytes and value it highly and regret not running it because it slows down my older box so much.
But it is so persistent on 'protecting' me even when it's in 'deactivated mode' -a very good 'nanny' feature- that I have not reinstalled it yet.
There is also still the off chance that Malwarebytes may have been a contributing factor in the BSODs due to the huge 3 to 5 second delay it caused my OS and anything I click on.

I mean, anything I clicked on, even a simple .txt file, would produce that huge delay before opening.
It made my entire OS react that way.

I used to get 'failure to reboot' way too often after a BSOD and have to do a complete backup restore of my OS from a slightly outdated copy of my OS saved on a backup HD.
I seem to have eliminated the 'failure to reboot' now though; what I do, immediately after a successful reboot to Desktop from a BSOD, first I run CCleaner, then I run a fresh 'create a restore point'.
For others who are 'computer challenged' like me, you access that by clicking on 'Start' and typing 'create' in the little window, and it pops up the option to 'create a restore point'.
That's all I do, and my OS pretty much always recovers successfully from BSODs (Blue Screen Of Death).
Gone are the old Win98 days when a crash meant an hour or more of manually finding and reloading the video drivers before I could even begin the grinding process of totally reinstalling Win98.

Viewing videos in Firefox through TOR Vidalia, the Adobe Flash plugin has been really crashy lately.

Viewing videos in Firefox through TOR Vidalia, the Adobe Flash plugin has been really crashy lately.
-bit (July 23, 2014, 04:09 PM)
--- End quote ---

for a long time now, I've been having trouble with flash and firefox (no TOR involved).
Unfortunately Pale Moon + Flash is not hitting the spot either...

Edit// no blue screens with either but both bad enough to want me to move on to something else (have to think where to go to now...)


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