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Malwarebytes self-start problem

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You're talking about things way above my pay grade. Videos, games, frames are not my "thang".

I'm limited pretty much to two deck freecell and hearts. Gin Rummy I like but I'm too good for the computer and win all the time. :-[
Back in the good old days I dreamed of sailing the seven seas on ocean liners and making a living playing Gin.  8)
Had to give up my dream........... I get deadly seasick  :-[

^Yes, I don't actually play computer games so much anymore.
I mean, if you wanted to play a modern game, you're looking at maybe $50 to $100 for the game, then $35 or more for a guide booklet to keep you on track and avoid getting hopelessly lost and confused, then you need the reflexes and free time of a teenager.
Plus my obvious problem of needing an up to date machine, vid card, ram, and so on.

And if it's a console game, you'll need a few hundred bucks for that, plus all console gaming accessories.

Me, I just like to find playthroughs on youtube that include all mo-cap -motion capture- cut scenes and play through them that way.
If I really liked doing that with a particular game, I'll wait a week or two, then find someone else's playthrough posts to youtube and do it all over again.
By that time, the urge to actually pay to play starts to be counter-balanced by my awareness of how much money I'd be spending to gear up my System, and how worn out I'd be actually playing it myself.

Not to knock actual game play, some games are pretty awesome.
I just don't have the time, energy, and money to do it like that so much anymore.  :D


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