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Malwarebytes self-start problem

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You can find the manual here (it's a .pdf file). Anyway, page 14 confirms there is no on-board video on the MoBo. It is also a rather old one, still uses DIMM RAM (according to page 12).

Come to think of it, I used a very similar one (because of the onboard RAID controller) (I had two of them, one active, one spare), but these boards degraded quick after 2 years of use (24/7). First of all, the nVidia chipset on that board isn't the best one to begin with.

The model I had used a fan for cooling the North/South bridge chip and if that one didn't ran well enough temperature would rise gradually and reboot automatically (overheating protection). So I started swapping just that fan from one board to the other and servicing the fan the came free. Worked for a while, but not really to satisfaction...then the chipset started to "buckle" and lost RAID and all networking facilities on both boards.

After 6 years of doing this swap/service thing, both board were dead. I have here still 2 servers and a router PC that are almost 10 years old, still running excellent and very reliable (all Asus K8V-X boards , the cheaper, less advanced model than the A8N).

True soldiers, those boards...and the same is true for their Athlon x64 processors. AMD had a good thing going with that processor.

I have a printed manual for the mobo.
Can't afford anything new -or even used- at this time.
Tnx for everyone's advice.  :D

Does anyone know where the option is, to play or drop missed video frames?

There is a place to  turn on Media Streaming in Win7 in the Network and Sharing Center in Control Panel. (In Godmode it's easy to find).

I'm betting the option you're looking for is in the game itself. Setup? Preferences? Options?
I'm not a gamer so I really can't help much... sorry!

^tnx.  :D
I confirmed that Media Streaming is on.

I did some research and found this--
frame skip
Maybe 'frame skip' is not a Microsoft or NVidia feature.

My NVidia Control Panel 'adjust image settings with preview' can be set to one of 3 options; Performance, Quality, or in between.
Mine is already set to 'use my preference emphasizing' & 'Performance'.
(update) I just set it to 'let the 3D application decide'.

Here's a Youtube index of 'frame skip' search results.


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