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What's your significant other's favorite key on the keyboard?

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Ask this question of your significant other, or of a workmate.
If you don't have a significant other or workmate you can answer this question yourself.

What's your favorite key on the keyboard? (why?).
Please don't everyong pick the same key, it will make the others feel bad.

My significant other's asleep. but mine would be the TAB key.
The tab key does all cool kindsof things.
It indents text, it switches between windows (alt-tab), it auto-completes text (in console),...

Oh... I also like tab, but my favourite would have to be ctrl.
I like how i constantly press it to go back and forth in opera, and while writing, ctrl+backspace erases the whole word, and ctrl+left/right goes a word to the left/right.
Definitelly, a very useful key :D

It's not a key on the keyboard but I use it a lot... The reset button :P Yeah it's really useful imho. Otherwise, the key I use mostly is Tab :D

I'm quite partial to the ol' new line key... Ya know, "Enter" ;)
Quite hard to get things done without it...

</Celebration of the enter key>



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