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which forums you use for PC troubleshooting?

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I've generally found forums less useful than some of the better tech blogs and industry KB sites. Such places won't answer your specific questions - but the material found in the articles (and the reader comments) is usually enough to get you to where you can figure out the solution yourself.

(Note: I'll +1 on the Stackoverflow sites and An answer is not always found there - but when it is it's almost always correct. Which is more than you can say about many "tech" website's answers and suggestions.)

Another factor is the savvy of the poster with the issue.  On the sites I listed there's a form to fill in hardware specifics.  But there's no item for experience level or expertise.  Seems like whenever I go the extra yard to give step by step how to set a particular Windows option the person replies "I;ve been programming Windows for 20 years.  I know where Control Panel is."  It can be embarrassing.  :)

Another stumbling block I run into when working an issue is that some posters feel that if they were thinking something when typing the problem description I should pick it up via clairvoyance.  Unless you are an exceptionally quick typist it can be easy to think you've entered more than is actually there.

And of course the classic case where the poster lists none of the remedies tried and when you suggest a fix or two you get "I already tried those. None of them worked."  Clairvoyance again being indispensable.  :)

I find often a step by step remedy is in one of the tutorials.  I know I've seen it.  But the problem is hitting on the right search terms.  Sometimes it takes me 1/2 an hour to find a tutorial I know is there.  Of course by that time I return to the thread and someone else has already pasted the link.  :)

If you are looking for Windows specific advice then I highly recommend these:

I'm not sure what is highly rated for XP these days.

For video stuff on any OS a good resource is

I'll leave it to others for Linux and other OS.

-MilesAhead (July 08, 2014, 03:22 PM)
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That's correct. I have seen Miles in some of those wonderful forums


yes, is what I used, but I think now it's a pretty much dead forum?
after it's founder said that he hadn't money to support it anymore


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