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YaCy - Decentralised Search

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Interesting- I'll have to keep an eye on this.  Have you installed it yet?
-wraith808 (July 08, 2014, 07:52 AM)
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I upgraded my drive to a 1 TB SSD and just installed YaCy - seems ok so far. It's not going to replace your regular search engine right now, but it is very promising.

You can browse it at http://localhost:8090/

I find I'm getting a lot of German results, but, it's still small, so I guess I'll run a node for now & hope for more people to jump on board. It will improve 1 person/installation at a time.

In a quick test, I started crawling my blog site, then searched for the title of an essay that I mirrored on in after giving the crawler some time. My blog post with the mirrored essay came up, but the original essay didn't. No real surprise there. But it shows that crawled searches from your local crawl come up darn fast.

The administration interface is very good as well. Lots in there. I've not explored it all yet, but it seems quite robust from a quick browse.

The quality of results is not at the DuckDuckGo or Google level yet, so that's a problem. I suppose that what YaCy needs is philosophically aligned people to start running nodes.

There are some interesting things that you could do with it though. For example, you could run through TOR, crawl sites that you are interested in, e.g. (a subversive site - they even host "Inspire" magazine!), then later search your own local cache in stealth mode while not connected through TOR. Since you'd have that locally stored, you'd never access the Internet (stealth mode) and could get search results without anyone knowing -- it's all done on your local machine.

tl;dr - Great software. Network isn't prime time ready yet. Needs more privacy advocates to add nodes for network effect to start to take hold.

Seems ComputerWorld sees a need for something else...

Why we need an underground Google
Governments are forcing search engines to show wrong results. It's time for search engines to go rogue so they can be right.
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More at the link.

It sounds interesting, but I guess I don't really get how it works. And can't you get in trouble for crawling sites? I recall reading about a guy who crawled the (entire?) internet and later got in trouble for it. I can't remember the details though. . .

Hi Guys,

We are currently conducting our own desktop serverless programs, for email, chat, messenger, www search, etc etc etc, and I read about Yacy and others whom just basically index the search with already made SE's out their, what we are conducting is part serverless part node, part server with built in 256 encryption for the uers search engine built in.

Nothing is stored within user Desktop GUI when they perform the www searches, and seeing we own the actual search node, we can then start marketing and add in all users and company www references/indexing, same as they all do.

Our phase 1 launch date is about 2 months from now.

Yes everything is FREE for the complete programs for life incl all updates and other apps. As we will then be building the serverless nodes for any on-line business that requires privacy for them and their users/members.


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