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Recursively replace characters in all file and folder names Sharepoint restrict

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I have a need for a quick and easy way to scan all file and folder NAMES within a directory to replace all instances on one character with another.  There are several possibilities, all of them are on the "invalid for use"   by  SharePoint" list.  
The reason for this being doing after the fact is that the collection of files and folders was created before we were using SharePoint and this problem kind of hit me by surprise.   Only when I had repeated failures of a number of files did I check to see the problem.  There are over 50,000 files and one of the "invalid characters" is "#" which appears in over a hundred filenames alone.   If I had checked beforehand, we might not have moved everything to the Office 365 Setup but hindsight being 20/20 doesn't help now.        
Searching for solutions brought up several possibilities, one of which is linked below.  RR.exe at (is already compiled) but I don't think it is recursive.

I was wondering if anyone else had ever run into this problem and maybe already has a solution.  If I have to run a script for each character to be replaced, then that is what I will have to do.  Since these filenames are already listed in the database software, I have to try to standardize my replacements so that when a Search looks for a file with a "#" in the name, I have to have a preset replacement list to provide people.
Instead of "&" the filename will have the entire word "and" and so on.  "#" I was going to replace with "-"  but any suggestions appreciated.  SharePoint has a list of maybe 20 characters that can never be used and most never would be.  
But some..... "?"   ????     :-[ OR   <<<<  (for that matter "<" or ">"   :(   )   None of these can be used and if they were I have to replace them with something or the files will not Sync.

          This is the best I have found and I don't think it is recursive.

NOTE!  The "Duh" factor just set in  :D!  Still not a complete solution and I am playing with the other "normal" ways but "dir *#*.*" when run from the top directory level does return valid instances of the improper files so I suppose "ren" might work as well?


If I have to run a script for each character to be replaced, then that is what I will have to do.-questorfla (July 06, 2014, 11:00 PM)
--- End quote ---

One of my absolute favourite renamers is ReNamer because it allows you to build out a list of steps to take when renaming files.  So, you could make a step-by-step list of rules to make the changes you need.  It has full preview mode so you can be certain exactly what's going to change to what.

I just had a look at the author's website and he's changed up the older fully-featured version to a Lite/Pro license model.  The Lite version is limited to five rules but it ought to be enough to see if you and the application will get along.   :D  Then, you can decide if you want to buy it (it's only ~$20).  I have an older, unlimited version but I'm going to go ahead and buy the new version.

This is too much thinking for a Sunday night.  It was just my "Luck?" that I happened to test the dir example with what may be the ONLY character that can be stated as >>   *#*.*"  <<<  and NOT get either ran error or nothing at all.     :(. 
Of course can't search for "&" that way and probably half the others I need to fix.

And "Ren"    :down:  Not Gonna Happen!

I suppose it IS going to require some kind of script but the RR.exe (which is hosted on GitHub with the "recursive" option "/r" won't fly.  Or wouldn't for me.  Maybe I cant stack the "/p" (for pretend) option wit /r but
there are few enough files I don't mind being asked if it is OK on every one rather than risk a massive rename that fouls up the entire database   :tellme:

Hopefully someone has gotten more rest this 4th weekend and has a clearer focus than I do :beerchug: :stars:

Bulk Rename Utility seems worth a try. check out the Mini-Review by [user]zridling[/user].

Has anyone here used BTSYNC for a multi-user Massive file sync program?  I have used it for some rime and overall I would have to say it does a perfect job.  Bu I am only using it on 4 or 5 systems to keep all my files available where ever and on whatever system  I happen to be using.

I tested it on the whole 50,000 file directory and while not the Fastest, it was not bad and Free to boot

I was thinking through the logic on the program and wondered what would happen if two different people made different modifications to the same file and then BTsync got ahold of them both.

What would be best would be to have both modifications show up as a (1) and a (2) modified version  I guess 2nd best would be first one in to be the change made BUT a notice would be sent to the other person for that person to add their modification as well if needed..
BT SYNC is an interesting solution for people who need to all share the same files but I am not sure how well it works with multiple users/editors.

Another thing I wondered was if there is a file that exists in 10 put of 15 users' SYNC folder and if all users are sharing the same Secret will it propagate to the other users any faster that if there were only 5 users who had it and had to upload to maybe 10 who did not?  Does it get to the others faster if more people are send parts?

With so may Small files it seemed t me the best way to make sure everyone had instant access to everything was to set aside a small 20 GB partition ad just let BY sync keep all their local partitions up to date.

But that is too ay so there has to be something wrong with that idea :(  Though I have been Impressed so far with BT Sync for my own needs. :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:


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