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CintaNotes Lifetime PRO License


Quoting the CintaNotes newsletter dated 23 June 2014, 11:19:45

** Introducing CintaNotes Lifetime PRO License
If you have a CintaNotes PRO license, you're probably not exactly jubilant about having to renew your license every year to continue receving new versions.

Many users have requested us to provide an option for a so-called lifetime license: pay a bit more upfront, then receive free updates for life. No more worries about the license key being not valid for a new version - only stress-free note taking.

We have pondered on the idea and have finally decided to give it a try. So I'm glad to say that, effective today, we make the CintaNotes Lifetime PRO license available!

The price for this license is higher than for a regular license: 119 USD for new customers, and 79.99 USD for existing customers. Why is it so much higher? Because we've learned from mistakes of others: in the past, many good software products disappeared because their authors had set the price of a lifetime license too low. And then had to abandon any further development, because the flow of new customers just wasn't strong enough. We wouldn't want this to happen to CintaNotes. So I'd like to stress this out: we offer this more as a convenience option, not as a discount.
Feature-wise there is no difference between PRO and Lifetime PRO. The only difference will be that Lifetime PRO license holders will enjoy priority technical support.
Here are the relevant links for the interested:
Buy the Lifetime PRO license (
Upgrade from regular PRO license to the Lifetime PRO license (

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