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20% of sites blocked in UK


Get ready to crack out the joke:

ORG's Blocked project finds almost 1 in 5 sites are blocked by filters
Open Rights Group Blocked project finds almost 1 in 5 websites tested are blocked by web filters

High level of variation between ISPs suggest filters are not consistent in protecting children

Overblocking is affecting bloggers, businesses and web users

A Porsche broker, a political blogger and a mum hoping to read an article about post pregnancy care are among those that have been affected by filters designed to protect young people from adult content.

The extent of overblocking has been revealed by Open Rights Group Blocked project, which is documenting the impact of filters. Web users can use a free checking tool on where they can instantly check to see if a website has been blocked by filters. So far Open Rights Group has tested over 100,000 sites and found that over 19,000 are blocked by one ISP or another.
--- End quote ---

More that the link... if you can see it. ;)


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