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2 thoughts...


An app to
1]allow to choose ONLY odd files or even files and
2] if possible the ability to select which character to fit that criteria.
example for #1: one has 200 files of a DVD menu and knows only the odd files (3rd,5th,7th,9th & so on) have video content so one ticks ON the "odd only tick box" added to the menu title bar selections (Name,size,Type) or shortcut of cntl+a+o for odd files and cntl+a+e for even files.

2nd thought an add-on to the save dialog box that includes all or only desired extensions. In this manner one can change a files extension or add one if need be by clicking save and next to the NAME in the save box is a drop down scrollable mini menu with extensions to choose from.

Apologies if these have been created , plus i think i posted one of these years ago but not sure if here (under other user name which i can't remember.)
Thank you for the great apps.

hi vis0,
to get a better chance of a response, I'd recommend:

* having one suggestion/idea per thread
* giving some info in the thread title about content (I know that one can be difficult)
* giving more info (see below)

re your first idea ("an app to"):
you didnt explain the second part.
The example you give for the first part (dvd with video files) seems to me to be easily solved with a decent file manager - simply filter for video files.


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