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Android malware


I received an email alert today from a credit union where I have an account warning me about a new variant of Android malware called Svpeng that seems to have the US banking industry very worried.

You can read details about Svpeng on the Kaspersky blog.

While I do use online banking, I have always avoided using any bank's Android apps, for a number of reasons, not least of which is that I don't trust any of them to enforce either privacy or security competently.  That now seems to be a wise approach.

Thanks for sharing this.

I don't do banking via Android apps either.

The way your device gets infected is "mostly from fake pron sites, and sometimes from SMS spam." So it seems there's little danger of being infected if you avoid those two.

I wondered about the word "mostly" :)

Well, it can't be totally from fake pron sites if it's also sometimes from SMS spam.


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