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Decentralised Crowd Funding - Mike Hearn's Lighthouse


Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been a fantastic boon to the world at large as they have enabled so many different projects across a wide range of disciplines.

Now, Mike Hearn's Lighthouse is about to take crowd funding to the next level - decentralised crowd funding. This is going to be big. Very big.

Oliver Janssens offered up $100,000 to anyone who could replace the Bitcoin Foundation. His original post is here:

He has just announced the winner(s) here:

He will be awarded $40,000 on completion. After the platform is live, I will put an additional $50,000 towards the first core dev crowdfunding project that gets made on it.
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The Eris Project will receive 10% for their efforts. (A freakin' AMAZING DAO proposal based on Ethereum.)

Mike Hearn has blogged about it here:


Welcome to the first update about Vinumeris and the Lighthouse project, and thanks for reading this blog - your interest is both hugely appreciated and tremendously motivating.

About six weeks ago I gave a talk at the Bitcoin 2014 conference in Amsterdam, where I demoed an early version of an application that implements a form of crowdfunding which takes place directly on the block chain. Hopefully that talk will be available online soon. Interest in the project has been much greater than I expected and since then I’ve had meetings with many groups and people that would like to use Lighthouse once it’s finished.

Unfortunately there was a problem – although the app supports entirely peer to peer and decentralised crowdfunding, I planned to make the first version crippled and locked down to only my own projects. The reason was a plan to raise the development costs of the app using Lighthouse itself, presenting a catch-22.

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More at the link.

You can find Eris here:

Still digesting (lots to read)...but it looks to be awesome. :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:

Still digesting (lots to read)...but it looks to be awesome. :Thmbsup: :Thmbsup:
-40hz (July 02, 2014, 11:23 AM)
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Take your time. It's really dense stuff, and not easy to get through quickly. Few people understand anything about this right now. We're at the bleeding edge.


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