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Why is so much software cracked?

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The trouble is there really isn't an open source equivalent of Photoshop. The Gimp can do some of it but it isn't really in the same league at all and not really aimed at photographic processing. I suppose the cheaper solution for students is to get Photoshop Elements which does most of what Photoshop does these days (unless they need to learn about prepress, CMYK etc).
-Carol Haynes (May 30, 2006, 04:17 AM)
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i didn't realise the gimp was that bad - or do you just mean it's okay, say, it's like an older version of photoshop from years ago or does it really suck when photo editing.

i would have thought anything with layers/alpha transparency and levels/curves and a few colour adjustments would be pretty good. isn't it just a case of if you use the gimp it might take a bit longer than to acheive the same result within photoshop?

I doubt most crackers use many of the apps they crack.
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That's for sure. The scene is not about cracking for yourself, but it's more of a whoever-cracks-more-in-less-time-is-elite game.

The hardcore pirates will pirate even if prices were dropped substantially, probably even if photoshop cost $10.
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What do you mean? Being 'hardcore' has nothing to do with still pirating software even if it costs a dollar... All teams did it, do it and will continue doing it, however most focus mainly in the expensive pieces of software.

(No, I'm not associated with all that stuff, I just happen to know people).
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Indeed, c4n is a way to get to know that kind of people better... lol ;D

Okay, let's be honest - we all want to use the 'big names' out there. When you think of a good image processor, isn't Photoshop that comes to mind? When you think of a good sound editor, isn't Sound Forge or Cool Edit that comes to mind? How many do you think prefer The Gimp or or Audacity over the aforementioned software? If you guys had both commercial and opensource or freeware or something software for the same task, which one would you use? So, it's a matter of quality. In MOST, not all cases though, you get what you pay for. Those questions are just provided as food for thought.

And no, the purpose of the post above isn't to defend piracy but to help you decide if it's sometimes justifiable or not...

OK there are issues but even at academic license prices it must be horrendously expensive.

I can understand your students dilemma thought - both MS Office and Photoshop even at Academic prices are not cheap.
-Carol Haynes (May 30, 2006, 04:14 AM)
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The state government education department buys licenses for the whole state from microsoft for some of their products, but not so for photoshop/dreamweaver et al.
 I thought of you because I reckoned you might have some sympathy for a harried network manager trying to keep all manner of product running with minimal external support (must be very lonely at the top :)  )
jgpaiva, I understand exactly what you're saying and that's the manager's worst nightmare I reckon. Maybe there's a middle path though ... for example why not a simple screen shot program that is easy to use, doesn't bog students down with a zillion un-needed features and is low maintenance? Same with several other types of app - and our needs are modest because we're not a university

Plus, warez makes software more popular... Do you know how many times Doom 3 was leeched, BEFORE its official release? And something else, would you really pay for software you just want to use once, if the demo/trial can't do it?


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