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Is it possible to add an option for 2 decimal places in this app, as at the moment i am using to track me work food budget.

You may be one of only a handful of people actually using this tool -- i so rarely hear about it.
I think I could add that -- can you tell me in what areas of the program you need to see decimal places?

Hehe, I guess I am one of the only few people hat still use your app I like it I think you could market this as an iPhone / android app quite easily.

Thanks for getting back to me  ;D

I’m quite happy with the program its works very well each day im at work so I can track my $7.00 spending limit a day and if I don’t spent the money it will take across the remainder across each day and like how you included into your program that it won’t add the amount unless you run the app which works well when I use the laptop at work so will exclude the weekends.

I have listed the pages where the decimal place would be great  :D

And thank you again  :Thmbsup:

I also did a mock up for fun if you wanted to add dollars into this for me with the decimal will be enough  :D

Any news mouser


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